Julius Eduard Berger – his father was a judge – established himself in 1871 as a lawyer and thus founded a continued tradition of independent lawyers. In the following decades there has been a host of political, legal and social changes but the firm’s motto has always remained:
"The legal system is there to serve the people, not the other way around."

Berger Daichendt Grobovschek Advocates sees tradition as duty towards the future and the passing on of the judicial knowledge that it has accumulated in the last 150 years. This includes the ability to understand the facts of a case as they really are, to form opinions and to execute decisions.

We are an association of independent lawyers, who enjoy their work.

Berger Daichendt Grobovschek Advocates supports the "Tusculum" forum of discussion, as well as the association for the promotion of fair competition and intellectual property law. Furthermore we cooperate closely with Austrian universities.

In 2007 Berger Daichendt Grobovschek Advocates were honoured for its 50-years membership of the German Chamber of Commerce in Austria.